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No Need For Pacific Rim

No Need For Pacific Rim published on 4 Comments on No Need For Pacific Rim
Who’s a good dragon? You are!

Anybody still hear? Yes? Good! I am so sorry guys! What a wild ride for me and Lori! As soon as I got out of restriction, we got pulled the very next weekend to that con! We met for the very first time, but unfortunately only got to spend the weekend together. A lot of people really liked our cosplay though (That Lori made all herself!), and we even found a Jack or two and some other Pixar peeps to photo op with! In any case, we had tons of fun, got some toys, and got to do bestie things togethar irl!

Then school took over Lori’s life and getting out of the Navy took over mine.I finally went onto terminal leave and got ready to drive cross the US…which didn’t pan out so well since halfway across my car’s engine decided to say NOPE. Had to have someone pick me up to drive me the rest of the way back home! But I am home now, and have been getting all these crazy ideas!

Lori’s animation classes are really tough, but she’s trucking along and doing fantastic as she is wont to do. Hopefully if all goes well she’s gonna have an epic job with a studio for the summer, but either way she might have a bit more time so we can pump out comic!


We will be appearing at Conventions in the artist alleys!

Lori will be appearing at Ottawa Comic Con May 9-11!

She’ll be under the name Sotalean, her DeviantArt name and will have plenty of things for sale including buttons, posters, and pretteh pretteh comissions!

And The Sai-ster will be at Anime Oasis May 23-26!

Of course my art is terrible but I will be happy to sell whatever stock I receive from my maple syrup bestie topside and perhaps give out a few teasers for the upcoming storyline! Plus I’m amazing and everyone loves to hang out with me.

Even better! Depending on funding, we’re looking to get a booth at Yaoi-con’s artist alley. I wholly intend to be there, so if that’s not the case, at least we can chill!

Fandemonium! August 1-3

Together again! Lori might be able to fly on down for Fandemonium to share a table with me! If not though I already plan on having one there for myself.

What will we sell? WELL! Aren’t you glad you asked!

We have a steadily growing amount of button art that will be on sale! Both original….


And Fandom based!


With many more to come! We also have a line of posters coming up soon as well, there’ll be an example up shortly as well. What’s happening folks, is that we’re slowly starting to build up revenue as well, so we can afford to keep up the site and add great things like forums as the comic grows!

Sai got a Twittery thingie!

@SaiTheWriter is the name, so really, hit me up with thoughts, ideas, and questions since I’m available but lack the ability to do anything useful like lineart for our pages XD


Sai & Lori

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